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Speedpanel A2 Glass Impact Test

Speedpanel A2 Glass is an insulated spandrel which, along with its A2 s1, d0 fire certification, has been designed with safety in mind.

As a glazed-in, glass faced spandrel panel it can be reasonably expected that at some point the panel may be struck by an object that will cause the glass to break. The question is what happens to the glass when this happens. 

Our in-house impact test, conducted to similar specifications to the CWCT (Centre for Window & Cladding Technology) test, used hard ball impacts of 3 joules, 6 joules and 10 joules. In all tests of 3 joules the glass did not break, only when moving to 6 joules and in some cases 10 joules, depending on where the impact occurred (edge or centre) did the glass break.

Once the glass breaks the key, from a safety aspect, is what happens to the broken glass. Due to the unique build-up of Speedpanel A2 Glass the good news is that, in all tests, less than 20g of very small fragments were dislodged from each panel. The remaining glass was safely retained until additional safety film could be applied and the panel replaced.

Have a look at the video below showing the tests, the results speak for themselves.

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