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When is an A1 Fire rating not an A1 Fire rating?

Answer:   When several A1 certified materials are combined to form a composite panel any fire rating of the individual components becomes invalid. So simply saying your composite panel is made of A1 certified materials does not make it A1, in truth, it has no fire certification at all. Relevant Buildings as defined in regulation 7 (4) require a certification of A2 s1, d0. The fact is however that making a panel that meets this requirement is difficult.

Speedpanel A2 is one of, if not the only, independently certified A2 s1, d0 spandrel panels available on the UK Market. Designed to fit a wide range of curtain walling systems in common use today Speedpanel has been developed and tested in the UK over the past four years. Working closely with one of the world's foremost adhesive manufacturers our designers have produced a true composite panel with an A2 s1, d0 certification gained during extensive testing at WarringtonFire.

There is no doubt that the marketplace has been looking for an answer to both new build and replacement panels however very few fabrication companies have found the solution, let alone commenced testing to meet the new A2 s1, d0 certification for the new, mandatory standards.

Available in both Aluminium and Glass finishes Speedpanel A2 takes account of the alterations made to building regulations relating to fire safety, introduced in 2019 following the Grenfell tragedy and meets the A2 s1, d0 standard.

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