Patent Pending for Speedpanel A2® Glass Insulated Spandrel Panel

Speedpanel has announced submission of a patent application for their Speedpanel A2® Glass insulated spandrel panel (UK Patent Application No. 2201665.3), currently a unique product on the UK market. The innovative spandrel panel comprises an insulated core and non-vision glass face, bonded with a specially developed adhesive, enabling it to achieve a high level of fire performance that has been independently certified to A2-s1, d0.

An image of Speedpanel A2® Glass inside an award badge.

Whilst the process for granting a successful patent could take 6-12 months, the protection takes effect from the filing date and lasts for 20 years – a recognition of the technical merit of Speedpanel A2 ® Glass and the time, financial and intellectual investment made by Speedpanel in developing it.

Why is Speedpanel A2 ® Glass important?

Composite insulated spandrel panels require adhesive to bond the materials together and, whilst many manufacturers can achieve an A2 or A1 rating for individual elements of their products, the addition of adhesive makes it challenging to achieve this level of performance for the complete panel. Working in partnership with one of the world’s leading adhesive providers, Speedpanel were able to develop a unique glass-faced, glazed-in spandrel panel, which is available with the full spectrum of grey scale colouring. This enables specifiers to maintain the performance integrity of curtain walling facades through the spandrel zone, without compromising on architectural vision.

Speedpanel was founded on years of industry experience and sought to create a problem-solving product that combined safety and style solutions. The pre-manufactured modular component reduces the risk of installation errors compared to built-up systems, as well as delivering excellent fire and thermal performance and design flexibility.

Developed to fill a specific market need in a safety-first landscape, Speedpanel A2® Glass not only achieves a whole panel fire classification of A2-s1,d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1:2018, it is also tested in accordance with the TN 75 Hard Body Impact Test. In addition to its proven safety performance, the product has up to a 40 year life expectancy when fitted in a drained and ventilated curtain walling system that has been correctly specified, tested and installed.

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1 March 2022